• Yenisei river and small lakes

Rivers and lakes of Siberia

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  • Yenisei river and small lakes

Rivers and lakes of Siberia

All the rivers of Siberia belong to the basin of the North Arctic Ocean.

Largest rivers of Siberia - Angara, Yenisei, Ob, Irtysh, Lena and Amur. Lena and the Yenisei River are among the ten largest rivers in the world, both in length and of overflowing. The length of the Lena River is 4.5 thousand km, the flow of water - 17 000 m³/s, the Yenisei - 4,3 thousand km and 19 800 m³/s, respectively.

Largest lake - Lake Baikal, Taimyr and UvsNuur. Lake Baikal - the deepest lake in the world. Its maximum depth is 1642 m

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